Saturday, October 14, 2017

OMY: 1 September - 12 October (W8-13)

So my weekly blogs became bi-weekly blogs and have now become monthly. Such is the life of a working mom, toward the end of the first trimester of the school year. September was a complete blur, but now we're ensconced in a beautiful fall break. Anything seems possible! More on that for the next post. Below are just a few images from the last six weeks. Most of these are of Chloe -- apologies in advance. 

Sat 2 September

Sometimes monsoon is quite beautiful. I'll really miss this view.

Mon 4 September

Taking a selfie. Chloe's really good at looking possessed, apparently.

Tue 5 September 

Chloe's so advanced -- she's already *digesting* good literature at six months. (I couldn't resist.)

Wed 6 September

This was my last WS Cross Country Day. I ran with the Grade 11 / 12 girls for the last time, representing the Merlins (red shirts). It had been forever since I ran, because of Chloe, so it was good to find out I could still do it.

Thur 7 September

We gave Chloe her first solid food after she turned six months. She was very skeptical of this new taste and texture -- banana. Now she loves them and eats with abandon!

Fri 8 September

It's hard to see in this photo, but this tree was a sign that monsoon was on its way out. Many of the ferns growing on the trunk are yellow.

Mon 11 September

Where's that baby?

Wed 13 September

More first foods -- apples!

Sat 16 September

It's really difficult to keep anything tidy with a baby. I admit I'm a bit OCD about putting things back in their rightful places, so it's been tough to deal with all the physical stuff that goes along with parenting.

Mon 18 September

I swear this is the last "Chloe eating..." photo. But I had to document just how Indian this baby is -- she's munching on chapati here.

Wed 4 October

After a rough night, it was good to see a happy baby. I think she's saying, "Hey mom and dad, I'm seven months old now!"

Mon 9 October

This past week was Activity Week. I'm usually with the older kids, trekking or on a cultural trip, but this year I had to stay closer to home so I could feed Chloe. I was assigned to work with the ECP (like preschool) and Kindergarten kids, and we had a blast. Here we are learning about Korean culture at the Juns' house. 

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