Saturday, September 2, 2017

OMY: 19-31 August (W6&7)

We somehow made it to September, tripping through the first seven weeks of this academic year! Monsoon is still raging, though the ferns are yellowing -- a sign, I hope, of the waning rains. I wasn't super consistent about taking photos this week... too much sleep deprivation.

Wed 23 August
I call this one "Aftermath of Co-sleeping." Chloe's been sleeping poorly for a bit now, so out of necessity I've returned to co-sleeping with her so I can easily feed her in bed and allow Chris to get some good sleep.

Sat 26 August
At least she's cute -- and getting stronger by the day! Chloe often does these Pilates-style lifts during playtime now.

Sun 27 August
Chris and I toasted the end of his last day at Proofreading Pal with some nice gin and tonics. No more Sat/Sun work shifts!

Tue 29 August
This is a tired momma, getting ready for another night of (maybe) sleep. I'm clinging to the "this too shall pass" comment I hear so often.

Wed 30 August
Chloe is getting better at taking milk from a bottle -- finally! What this means for me, though, is more pumping... Not my favorite, but I'm getting into a rhythm.

Thur 31 August
It was a big football week at WS... We had Interhouse competitions in the AMs twice this week, and Goalathon (a charity tourney) this weekend. More to come...


Also, here's a poem I've been tinkering with for a few weeks. Not "finished," perhaps, but a fairly firm draft...

Seeing you --
your skin tightly tired,
the slight thumbprint bruises
beneath each eye --

I grasp for words, pull at “diminished,”
“less than.” You seem a scanty echo
of your previous self.  

But this picture misses out:

the tender gaze you offer your daughter
as she stalks that painted alligator across the room,
clumsy, but determined.

your growing smile as she
pounds indiscriminately on your beat-up piano,
making something only she could call “music.”

that thrill of recognition you feel as she
wraps her plastic doll deep in her arms --

whispering “I love you, baby.”


Have a beautiful Labor Day weekend, America-friends!
love, mel


  1. Thanks, Mel! Loved your poem, lots of truth said beautifully. I'm glad she is taking a bottle - sorry to hear that she still isn't sleeping well. Takes after her daddy ☺️. Love you all ����

  2. Chole is a lucky little girl to have such a caring mom, yes you do look tired but that's part of the challenge of being a mom. Yes "This too will pass" is correct, hopefully sooner than later!
    Congrats to Chris on his book and your poem is beautiful,Chole is adorable, I can't get over her hair and those eyes, what a beauty.
    It's hard to believe that it's September already and Alex will be going back to school on Wednesday. He will be 5th grade and will be 11 yrs old in February! Now that's hard to believe!
    I enjoy reading your blogs so please don't stop. Love to all three of you. Aunt Peggy