Sunday, August 6, 2017

OMY: 29 July to 4 August (W3)

We survived another week of work and parenting -- phew! Here are a few photo highlights...

Sat 29 July
Chloe looking hipster-ish for our walk around the chakkar! I really feel she looks like the captain from Jaws in this hat, for some unknown reason...

Sun 30 July
Chloe loves hanging out and squirming around in her diaper. Clothes are for losers!

Mon 31 July
I finally made one of those cheesy inspirational walls in my classroom out of abandoned student art. It helps brighten up our windowless room...

Thur 3 August
Chloe turned five months old today, and celebrated with a bit of flight.

Fri 4 August
Friday was advisor night. My ten advisees came up for dinner and some hanging out. As you can see, at my place, advisor night = junk food... 


Hope all is well out in the world beyond...
love, mel


  1. Thank Mel! Love seeing adorable Chloe! I think she looks great in her little hat! Though I'm surprised she doesn't pull it off. Love the art, some very talented students you have. Glad you survived another week ☺️

    1. it is surprising that chloe left her hat on for a whole walk! :) that doesn't usually happen... hah!

  2. Thanks Mel! We look forward to these posts!! Stinks that your classroom has no windows ! I'm glad to see you doing something to alleviate the dullness. It's so fun to see sweet little Chloe. Give her a hug and a kiss from Dad 2

  3. She does a great line in expressions, especially with those eyes. I predict a career on the stage.