Wednesday, February 3, 2016

greece: life is good

Athens is an interesting city, a blend of graffiti, polished marble, cigarette smoke, and passionate conversation. 

We stayed about a ten-minute walk from the most touristy area of Athens. This area, surrounding the Acropolis, boasted gleaming storefronts stuffed with Greek antiquities and toga-style dresses, varied ruins, and cafes desperate to lure us in for breakfast, a drink, a snack – “Please come back later! Take my card!” 

We never did go back later, though we made the walk of shame past these eateries every day, en route from our apartment to whatever sights we wanted to take in.

The apartment was worth the annoying walk; it was an oasis within the city. 

We were able to make our own breakfasts – Greek yogurt with honey and granola (delicious), or a modified Turkish breakfast of tomato, eggs, feta, and olives (also delicious). 

Staying in an apartment also enabled us to explore the regular markets locals shop in – always one of my favorite activities. 

We spotted frozen octopi and squids – whole ones! – just a few rows away from a large section of prepackaged croissants. We were clearly not in France.

Having an apartment gave me the illusion of living in Athens, even though our days were nothing like real life. Case in point:

9am – Wake up, put on some coffee, eat breakfast leisurely while… staring mindlessly at facebook; reading ‘Dear Prudence’ or some other empty internet article; searching for good Athens restaurants.

11amish – Slowly get ready for the day.

Noonish – Head out into Athens. Grab a spanakopita or another flaky stuffed pastry pie and enjoy as we walk to our first destination.

1pmish – Enjoy some lovely sightseeing, like an audio tour of the Acropolis, the National Archeological Museum, or the Agora.

4pmish – Head “home” for coffee/lounging/nap or to the local Starbucks for an hour of caffeinated reading (of fun books, not work books!).

6pmish – Practice my lines for Into the Woods. More lounging.

7/8/9pmish – Head out for dinner and drinks, then home and more relaxing.

What a life we had there – though it was brief! In just a few days, the spring semester will hit us full force and we’ll be missing our travels. Still, it’s good to be home with my own pillow, my bed warmers, my lovely ayah, and my cute lil pup. 


  1. Sounds relaxing and restorative! What part are you playing in Into the Woods? How did I miss that you were doing that?

  2. Ha! "The walk of shame past these eateries." I love seeing what you're up to and I'm glad you're getting some time to relax :).