Tuesday, January 28, 2014

a typical vacation day

We <3 Malaysia, and it's not because of these awesome ads we see all the time on Indian TV. Tomorrow, we leave for our final country -- Singapore -- and it'll be a sad farewell.

I'm feeling pretty lazy lately, so I'll keep this post photo-based and focused on Pulau Pangkor, a cheap tropical island off Malaysia's western coast. We enjoyed our time in Penang and KL, especially because of the delicious eats, but we had a long and relaxing stay on PP. Here's a typical day, in photos.

getting ready for the day -- late, of course. it's vacation!

from the cool bungalow to the hot sun

we always start the day with coffee. always.

one of the many PP street kitties.

we stopped at this "convenient" store at least 3 times per day.

morning language study and general work time.

off to the beach, for some reading...
(can you tell i find posing for photos awkward?)

and reading... we like to read.

post-swim tiger beer and crosswords = mel's paradise.

one of the many hornbills we encountered in PP

our favorite hang.

late afternoon, insanity work out,
resulting in .... this.

cornettos and 30 rock, the perfect way to end the day.


  1. all those colours are so vibrant - it looks really special. thanks for posting.

  2. Thanks, Mel! It was great seeing you and Chris getting to relax a bit! It's fun to see what you're doing - the hornbill is amazing and the beach looks lovely! Enjoy the last week of your vacation! Much love, Mom & Dad (2)